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  • 1 Plastica Nardon Srlworks in the molding sector
  • 2 Ideal Partnerfrom design to product
  • 3 An Important Experience60 years of continuous innovations
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Plastic Nardon Srl operates since 1951 in the field of plastic injection molding for third parties. The experience gained in the molding of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins enables us to provide customized solutions to clients in different industrial sectors: automotive, automation, lighting, sport articles, etc.

Plastic Nardon Srl offers its customers value-added services for the industrialization of the product offering itself as a reference point for industrial companies that looking for a reliable partner that takes care of all phases of product development, from design and development of the mold, to the production of plastic articles.


Plastica Nardon SrlPlastic Injection Moulding

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